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Shard Lights 2022

Sounds of London

During the month of December 2022, for the first time, the iconic Shard Lights – which illuminates the top 20 storeys in a series of colourful lighting sequences – were synced to a unique soundtrack. Although the show has now finished, you can still watch the films below to enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

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    Shard Lights 2022 has now finished.

    Europe’s highest seasonal light display returns, for the first time paired with a specially curated soundtrack celebrating the spirit of London at Christmas.

    Over 200 sounds from around London have been used in the soundtrack  which syncs with the lighting design to create a multi-sensory experience.

    London sound artist Brigitte Hart and composer Rick Parnaby collaborated with renowned lighting designer, Woodroffe Bassett Design, to create a light show perfectly synchronised to audio.

    From the familiar sounds of train announcements into London Bridge and the bells of St Paul’s Cathedral, to delightful chatter at the Southbank Winter Market and skating across Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, the track captures the vibrancy of the city and its people in the lead-up to Christmas.

    Shard Lights




    A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Shard Lights 2022, featuring the South London Girls Football Academy Under-8s team, soundscape artist Brigitte Hart and ice skater Ramia Crooks.

    "It was an honour to be involved in creating this year’s Shard Lights display. I hope that the addition of a bespoke soundscape to the visual spectacle of the lights will elevate people’s experience and allow them to be immersed in the spirit of London over the festive season. I’ve loved visiting these iconic London landmarks whilst recording the sounds and meeting so many of the brilliant people that make this city so special.”
    Brigitte HartSound artist

    Representatives from the South London Girls Football Academy Under-8s team, whose training session features in the soundtrack, were invited to switch on the display. Sophie Moxton, Nia Yauri Prioste and Sanna Beckles, all aged seven, were joined by ice skater Ramia Crooks, who was recorded skating across the ice at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink for the launch event.

    Did you know

    Running since 2013, Shard Lights has become a regular feature in London’s festive calendar, with each year featuring a unique display designed to celebrate the people and spirit of the Capital.

    Visible from over 40 miles away, the dazzling display is estimated to be the most viewed seasonal light display in the UK, with many of London’s 8 million residents able to enjoy a glimpse as they travel around the city.

    Shard Lights uses updated energy-efficient LED lighting, and this year's scheme is specifically designed to use less electricity.

    From the 7th of December, Shard Lights will start at 17:30 every evening, helping to brighten the winter evenings for all in London.

    The Shard at 310m high (1,016 ft), is Europe’s first vertical city. Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, it comprises a 26-floor office complex, six world-class bars and restaurants (aqua shard, Oblix, Hutong, TĪNG, GŎNG and Bar 31), a 19-floor five-star hotel (Shangri-La) and the UK’s highest viewing gallery (The View from The Shard). A floor-by-floor guide to The Shard can be found here:

    Real Estate Management (UK) Limited (“REM”), asset manager for The Shard, has once again collaborated with renowned lighting designer, Woodroffe Bassett Design, to create the installation alongside London-based sound artist Brigitte Hart.

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