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Shard Lights 2023

The Shard Lights have now finished.

London’s highest festive light show ran from 28th November - 31st December 2023, illuminating the capital’s night sky with new designs created with the London School of Mosaic (LSoM). The show is now finished, but follow The Shard on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Shard Lights X London School of Mosaic 2023

The Shard, London’s tallest building, will be lighting up its spire from the end of November with another captivating light display. This year’s designs have been developed with traditional mosaic artistry provided by the London School of Mosaic. The mosaic-inspired designs will be brought to life with animation and movement across the top 20 storeys of The Shard.


The new display will begin on the evening of 28th November and light up the sky every night until New Year’s Eve. Visible from over 40 miles away, Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to enjoy a glimpse of the vibrant colours to brighten up their evening.

Reflecting the rich artistic endeavours constantly developing within the heart of London, this year The Shard has partnered with LSoM on the display. The art school tasked its students and volunteers to use The Shard’s spire as a canvas for three festive mosaics that have been transformed into a dynamic light show by lighting designer, Woodroffe Bassett Design.

During the show, viewers across London will be able to see: 

  • “The Shard Snowman” – A larger than life snowman – an iconic festive symbol – will appear with a striking red scarf and hat to add a pop of colour before melting away.
  • “Festive Candle” – A softly illuminated candle, set against a bright blue backdrop, will radiate festive charm.
  • “Festive Pattern” – a bold green and gold pattern inspired by a Christmas Brooch created by Pop Art pioneering Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi.

We’re humbled and very excited to be helping create what must be the highest public art in London, with three very different festive designs which underline the different aesthetic qualities of mosaic from patterns.

Silvie Jacobi, Co-Founder of LSoM

This latest collaboration is part of The Shard’s broader partnership with the LSoM, which saw the building sponsor a panel of the LSoM’s latest 57-metre mural artwork titled “A Thousand Streams”, being installed near to the building entrance that reflects the kaleidoscope of life that spills from London Bridge station into the capital.



Sounds of London

The Shard collaborated with sound artist Brigitte Hart and composer Rick Parnaby to create a special festive display synched to a unique soundtrack that celebrates the spirit of London at Christmas.

The Shard at 310m high (1,016 ft), is Western Europe’s highest seasonal light show.
The Shard can be seen from 40 miles away.
LED lights and fixtures across the top 20-storeys of The Shard.

Did you know

Running since 2013, Shard Lights has become a regular feature in London’s festive calendar, with each year featuring a unique display designed to celebrate the people and spirit of the Capital.

Visible from over 40 miles away, the dazzling display is estimated to be the most viewed seasonal light display in the UK, with many of London’s 8 million residents able to enjoy a glimpse as they travel around the city.

Shard Lights uses updated energy-efficient LED lighting, and this year's scheme is specifically designed to use less electricity.

From the 28th of November, Shard Lights will start at 17:00 every evening, helping to brighten the winter evenings for all in London.

The Shard at 310m high (1,016 ft), is Europe’s first vertical city. Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, it comprises a 26-floor office complex, six world-class bars and restaurants (aqua shard, Oblix, Hutong, TĪNG, GŎNG and Bar 31), a 19-floor five-star hotel (Shangri-La) and the UK’s highest viewing gallery (The View from The Shard). A floor-by-floor guide to The Shard can be found here:

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