Horizon Capital, based on Level 9 of The Shard provides equity capital to high growth technology and service businesses.

We are an active private equity investor with a portfolio of over 15 high growth companies, including CX Technology provider Sabio, Workplace technology provider Agilico and Education Software business Juniper.   Our focus is on investing £10-£30m of capital to businesses valued at up to £50 million and rapidly scaling them both in the United Kingdom and internationally.  We deliver growth through investment in organic capability and achieve scale by completing multiple add on acquisitions during the lifetime of our investment.

We have a proven track record of creating businesses which become market leaders within their niche and go on to enjoy significant success post our investment.  The experience we bring make us an invaluable partner to ambitious growth businesses.

Our sector focussed approach enables us to stay ahead of the trends in our market and means we are often early investors into high growth niches. The sector experience we have also makes us strong and empathetic partners to the management teams we work with.

Horizon Capital prides itself on its approach to helping business owners and managers realise their ambitions. Buy and build is at the heart of every Horizon Capital investment and the firm is a market leader in supporting companies pursuing this strategy.