Bompas & Parr Bring Alcoholic Architecture to Borough Market

Experience designers Bompas & Parr have launched their latest project – Alcoholic Architecture - in Borough Market.

The walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail is housed on the site of an ancient monastery, on the edges of London’s favourite food market.

Once inside, the multi-sensory space is filled with sweet vapour clouds, soundscapes and colourful lighting creating an unusual and entertaining experience.

“The installation is an alcoholic weather system for your tongue where meteorology and mixology collide against a canvas of monastic mayhem, referencing the gothic splendour of neighbouring Southwark Cathedral”
Sam Bompass
Co-Founder, Bompas and Parr

The design studio is responsible for multiple immersive experiences such as the aphrodisiacal Shakespearean maze, toothpaste-inspired ice cream tasting, inhale-able whiskey tornados, and a drive-through buffet at London Fashion Week.  Inspired by science, nature, mythology and history, it is safe to say that Bompas & Parr are harbingers of some of the most imaginative experiences out there.

Open until early 2016

8_AA_cloudwindow_landscape_(credit Ann Charlott Ommedal).jpg