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The Shard

Office design inspired by The Shard’s strong fractal geometry can provide a contemporary, sleek office environment for businesses to thrive in. The fractal concept is the fourth in the Designed to Inspire series, where two international interior design firms created six office interior concepts each designed to broaden people’s perceptions and illustrate the potential an intelligently designed office can have on a brand.

The first in the series, ‘BOUTIQUE’ was a concept developed by Jump Studios inspired by London’s premium boutiques and ideal for companies who wish to convey a sense of prestige with a desire to recruit the best and the brightest.

Second in the series, ‘URBAN’ by Perkins+Will presented an ‘urban journey’ to evoke a fully engaging experience with business innovation and positive disruption at its very core.

Third in the series ‘CLUB’ was also created by Jump Studios and looked at space that would reflect the three ‘C’s: Community, Collaboration and Concentration.


The Fractal concept by Perkins+Will has been inspired by The Shard’s unique architecture and design language. Defining the interior architecture has been applied here, with spaces defined by a strong fractal geometry.



Fractals are an essential foundation of art and architecture, a sensibility that can be employed in developing inherently pleasing and lasting designs and are observed in natural forms. It is a mathematical tool and a unifying concept that reaches into the core of design composition. 

Fractal geometry provides a visual description for what is often an invisible, mysterious balancing act. A cascade of a fractal form is the kind of environment we are biologically attuned to live in, which therefore in return can provide a contemporary, sleek office environment for businesses to thrive in. 

Various research has shown that people are biologically designed to respond to fractal surroundings, we are learning and developing ways to embed and manipulate fractals into interior compositions in order to convey emotion and engage occupants’ sensory-neural processes.



Fractal and The Shard

The progressive design of The Shard goes way beyond its glittering exterior. Every aspect of the building coincides to make both life and work within it be the very best it can be. Every element has been carefully considered, from its silhouette against the London skyline to the position of the electrical outlets in order to promote an inspiring work environment that promotes productivity, wellbeing and creativity.  

This series of concepts is in keeping with The Shard’s multi-sector community which currently comprises of 29 office occupiers across 14 sectors, and has been approached in order to appeal to a range of businesses, from fashion and consumer brands, creative, tech and media, to professional services, consulting and finance.

To learn more about The Shard offices or to arrange a visit, please contact: 

Neil Prime, JLL +44(0)20 7399 5190 / [email protected] 

Dan Gaunt, Knight Frank +44(0)20 7861 1314 / [email protected]

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