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Hutong launches new cocktail menu

7 June 2023


Hutong’s Shanghai Bar is proud to unveil its captivating new cocktail menu inspired by the Chinese zodiac signs and their connection to the five Chinese elements: wood, metal, water, earth, and fire.

Led by bar manager Mattia Bossone, Hutong's team of gifted mixologists have created a guide to celebrate the intricate relationship between Chinese philosophy, astrology, and the world of mixology. Guests are invited to explore their Chinese zodiac sign and discover its corresponding element, which in turn influences their recommended taste profile. From sweet and sour; to spicy, salty, and bitter, each cocktail showcases the perfect balance of flavours resonating with an individual's unique character, according to Chinese philosophy.

For example, the Tropical Negroni is an enchanting creation tailor-made for those born in the Year of the Snake, whose flavour profile is associated with bitterness. This cocktail blends Tanqueray Seville, Aperol, Campari, passionfruit and kumquat liqueur, Antica Formula and Noilly Prat vermouth, resulting in a captivating concoction perfectly paired with the palate of the Snake zodiac sign.

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