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Shard Quarter

Joining both artisanal and convenience retail offerings in the arcade are IGLOO Flowers Design Studio.

Established in 2004, Igloo flowers began as a single florist shop in vibrant Bermondsey Street, SE London. Its director and Master Florist Simon Lyons, expanded the business to five local shops and then moved his company on to become a specialist florist outfit for corporate contracts, high profile events and weddings. 

We spoke to Simon about his love of the London Bridge Neighbourhood, his local businesses and why he chose to open up in the Shard Arcade.

Why did you chose the London Bridge neighbourhood for your business?

I fell in love with London Bridge area and Bermondsey St over 12 years ago. At that stage there were still abandoned pockets along the River and derelict buildings dotted around. I could see the huge potential in the area and often wondered why it hadn’t been turned into the vibrant quarter it is today. Bermondsey Street’s historical eclectic mix of buildings won me over, I was like a child in a sweet shop. So I decided to gamble all I had on opening Igloo Flowers there 12 years ago. The community was hugely supportive and have developed an amazing array of friends and colleagues throughout the years.

How has the area evolved over the years and has it made your business grow?

With the ever changing Bermondsey St, I became quickly aware that it was becoming a destination spot for an increasing foodie population. I again took the decision to turn my flower shop into The B Street Deli - a fine food emporium selling fine cheese, charcuterie, detox salads, gourmet sandwiches, scrumptious poncho’s, wine and Champagne. Best move I ever made, it has opened a host of doors that I’m still amazed at. Again, the local community and The Shards' busy bees have embraced us whole heartedly.

Why did you decide to open in the Shard Arcade?

We very recently opened Igloo Flowers in The Shard Arcade due to the forthcoming construction of high end serviced apartments. Having built up a great reputation over the years and proudly serving The Shards occupants and The Shangri- La, along with other local businesses and residents, it was imperative to hold on to our client base . I have every confidence it will become a much busier destination spot with the right tenants and promotional material.


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