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Shard Quarter

Network Rail’s £2bn project will deliver significant benefits to The Shard, the local neighbourhood and London as a whole.

London Bridge Station is changing rapidly. We’re already seeing new platforms open, and by its completion in 2018, the station will be reborn. This is Network Rail’s largest project, with around £2bn investment, delivering significant benefits to The Shard, the local neighbourhood and London as a whole. 

Upon completion, trains will run from Cambridge to Brighton via London Bridge directly with up to eight trains per hour at peak times. This will no doubt completely transform cross-country travel and business. Direct journeys to Luton and Gatwick airports and St Pancras International will make international travel even more efficient, with up to 18 trains an hour running through London Bridge. 

The new, spacious trains will be longer with connected walk-through carriages featuring advanced technology. Delivering faster, real-time updates and travel information, the ‘smart-trains’ will even be able to inform passengers of less crowded carriages. 

The benefits in and around the station will include approximately 70,000 sq ft of retail in and around the station including the historic archways and brand new concourse space, bringing with it, much-needed retail to the area. 700 cycle parking spaces and the UK’s largest concourse will make travel in and out of London Bridge much more of an experience.

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